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3 Great Destinations for Your Next Girls Trip

If you’ve been thinking about booking a vacation with friends, you might be starting to mull where exactly your group should go—luckily, we’re here to help. Katalina Mayorga is the founder of El Camino Travel, which specializes in curating memorable trips for small groups of female travelers, and she knows a thing or two (or 10) about great places for group travel. We asked her to share three of her favorite destinations for a vacation with a group of friends, so read on to get her pro recommendations. Don’t have an existing group that’s game for a vacation? There’s no need to miss out. Just book an El Camino trip instead—they specialize in uniting solo travelers as part of a small group—and get traveling! 

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Nestled in Central America, this vibrant country offers rich culture, natural beauty and history, too. Dramatic landscapes include everything from majestic volcanic peaks lining the shores of serene Lake Atitlán to lush rainforest ecosystems. In the colorful cities, find cobblestone streets, charming plazas, and bustling marketplaces where you can shop for traditional textiles and handcrafted pottery. “The perfect escape for a mix of natural, traditional craft, and beautiful architecture,” says Katalina. “This is a more wellness, calming destination.” 

BOOK: El Camino’s Vibrant Guatemala trip includes visits to regional businesses like a Santa Catarina candle studio and San Antonio ceramics studio, plus an outdoor feast at a family-owned organic farm, a visit to a coffee farm, and a trip to a private botanical garden. 

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“Colombia is vibrant, colorful, and eclectic. This is the trip to unplug and have a really fun time,” says Katalina. “Perfect mix of great food, amazing nightlife, vibrant and strong culture, and Caribbean beaches.” Located along the coast of Colombia, Cartagena combines historic charm with modern vibrancy. The city’s Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage site, offers up pastel buildings cascading with bougainvillea and a storied past, while the heart of the city pulses with lively squares where musicians play and artisans showcase crafts. On the coastline, nearby islands and beaches feature crystalline waters and powdery white sand.

BOOK: The Colorful Colombia group trip includes visits to Medellin and Cartagena, where you’ll enjoy a lunch served by a local family, take salsa dancing classes, participate in a weaving workshop, visit an island, and snack on plenty of Cartagena street food.

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With a mesmerizing whirl of sights, sounds, and scents, this North African gem is filled with unforgettable destinations, from bustling Marrakech, filled with narrow alleyways, intricate tilework, and colorful souks to the Sahara Desert, where shifting dunes and star-filled skies create an ethereal landscape. The culture is an exciting blend of influences, with savory street food and aromatic flavors that pair with traditional customs like the country’s famous mint tea. “Morocco is the place to get inspired by tradition, architecture, artisanry, and the high desert,” says Katalina. “This is the adventure girls trip.” 

BOOK: For El Camino’s Immersive Morocco trip, groups spend five days exploring Marrakech with experiences that include luxury desert camp dining, art studio tours, music and dining in a historic kasbah, and outdoor cooking classes.

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