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To Infinity and Beyond: Why Astrotourism Is the Next Big Trend in Travel

With technology use at an all-time high, it’s never been more important to unplug and reconnect with the natural world around us. One of the best ways to do so? Look to the night sky for a different kind of travel: astrotourism. The celestial objects above us boast some seriously stunning sights, made even better when viewed in ideal conditions. 

Destinations across the globe have been recognized, some even certified, for their prime night sky views. These are the destinations with minimal light pollution, maybe even an International Dark Sky Certification, and of course, all the luxuries you’d want in any type of vacation. 

Here are the top spots to see the celestial sky in all its grandeur. 

Desengano State Park, Brazil

As Latin America’s first designated dark sky park, Desengano State Park in Brazil attracts travelers from across the globe to experience its unparalleled night sky. Local astronomers note that in cities like Rio de Janeiro, you can expect to see about 200 stars per year with the naked eye. But in Desengano, you’ll see upwards of 3,000. 

You can see even more with the help of a telescope that is brought in for public viewing sessions, but even without the tools, you’ll be wowed by the wonders that thrive overhead.

The Milky Way is easy to spot here, thanks to the park’s location. Desengano sits between valleys and hills, protecting it entirely from outside light. Come between May and August and not even the clouds will get in the way of this celestial cinema. 

Four Seasons Resort Lanai

Lanai City & Kā’anapali, Hawaii

Under a canopy of a million stars sits the Hawaiian Island of Lanai, home to the Lāna’i Observatory. Here, you can embark on the Four Seasons Resort Lanai’s Kilo Hōkū Experience. Journey through the culture and history of this area as cultural advisors share stories of the indigenous Hawaiian people and how they navigated the oceans using the stars.

Hyatt Regency Maui Resort and Spa

Then make your way over to Maui to experience the top stargazing hotel in the world: the Hyatt Regency Maui Resort and Spa. Beneath a canvas of stars await unforgettable experiences. 

Enjoy an evening led by NASA astronomer Eddie Mahoney, whose Tour of the Stars is designed for space-loving kids excited to expand their knowledge of the night sky. Every Monday night, the resort also offers an astrophotography workshop so you can capture celestial beings with the help of experts make sure your memories of this adventure last long after you’ve returned home. 

Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, Australia

Craving an astrological adventure? Look no further than the Northern Territory of Australia, where Ayers Rock Resort’s Sounds of Silence experience awaits. 

Picture this: You’re sitting atop a dune overlooking Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, with a glass of sparkling wine in hand and the sounds of a didgeridoo to serenade the transition from day into night. 

Once the sun sets, you indulge in a gourmet dinner served under the stars, followed by the resort’s resident star talker’s guidance through the southern night sky. Here, you’ll be able to witness the magic of the Southern Cross, Milky Way, and many other celestial bodies that are typically invisible from many parts of the earth.

!Ae!Hai Kalahari Heritage Park. Photo courtesy of

!Ae!Hai Kalahari Heritage Park, South Africa

If you’ve ever dreamt of escaping the city lights for some of nature’s brightest lights, !Ae!Hai Kalahari Heritage Park in South Africa is the spot.

Nestled in the heart of the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, this park offers an opportunity unlike any other to reconnect with nature and witness the universe in all its glory. The park’s massive size—nearly 120,000 acres—and limited infrastructure provide the ideal conditions for the show of a lifetime.

And !Xaus Lodge is the dreamiest home base for your night sky gazing. The lodge was built specifically to minimize light pollution and allow for some of the most remote and bright views of the sky. 

Under Canvas Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon and Sedona, Arizona

The magic of the Grand Canyon comes after the sun sets, when it transforms into a sky of billions of stars. The best place to enjoy this vast sky after dark is Under Canvas Grand Canyon.  

As one of the first-ever DarkSky-certified resorts in the world, this Under Canvas property is designed to immerse you in the night sky. Head out on a stargazing hike, sleep under the stars in a Stargazer Tent, and partake in some celestial-themed cocktails. It’s more than just stargazing—it’s a full immersion into our infinite universe.

Sedona Enchantment Resort

Bonus: Nearby, in one of the world’s top stargazing destinations sits Enchantment Resort. Tucked away in the iconic red rocks of Sedona, Enchantment’s resort astronomer serves as your celestial guide to take you through the constellation programs. Talk about the perfect place to get lost in the stars.

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