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Backwoods Crossing

At this charming rustic spot, brothers Jesse and Tyler Rice have put a new spin on “farm-to-table.” Since the farm is literally on the grounds of their Tallahassee restaurant, this is farm-and-table.

Backwoods Crossing began as a landscaping and herb garden project to enhance the restaurant’s authentic vibe but has quickly grown into a full-fledged farm featuring chickens, pigs, shiitake mushroom logs (which their parents used to grow), orchards, and a greenhouse. The bounty of leafy kale, sun-ripened fruit, and giant mushrooms all comes into play for the restaurant’s signature dishes.

Jesse uses whatever is in season to shape his garden menu creations but his culinary journey with his brother, Tyler, is still evolving. They’ve come a long way from their days of making pizzas. Today, he pursues his passion for cooking and building a business, all the while pushing boundaries and closing the gaps between where food comes from and what is served on the table.

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