Come for the Pristine Beach, Stay for a Three-day Celebration of California’s Most Renowned Wines

Sip and trip.

This May the British Virgin Islands will be infused with California’s legendary HALL Wines for a three-day program of beach, taste, repeat. With 850 acres of undisturbed natural beauty, Guana Island is a private, award-winning, family-owned island resort renowned for seven pristine beaches and miles of tropical forest, mountains, and dramatic flora and fauna with exceptional seclusion and no more than 35 guests at any given time. With the recent news of a collaboration with HALL Wines, 2020 is proving to be hotter than ever for the island named for an iguana-shaped rock outcropping on its southern side. The May 5 – 7, 2020, program will bring some of HALL’s most celebrated vintages as well as its Director of Winemaking, Megan Gunderson, to Guana for a dynamic program for travelers and food- and wine-lovers alike.

The three-day program will kick off with a Beach BBQ pairing Caribbean-inspired flavors with WALT Wines, known for single-vineyard Pinot Noirs, complemented by live music from a local band. The following day, Gunderson and Guana General Managers Vernon Daniel and Jason du Plessis will host a formal al fresco dinner, offering tastes of some of the most celebrated bottles from the HALL wine collection, including the bold Cabernets for which they’re known. Gunderson will be on hand to personally discuss each vintage, guiding guests through an educational and flavorful evening.

The program will conclude the following day, with a guided tour of the orchard and an invitation to try some lesser-known vintages, matching HALL Wines with just-picked produce and tropical fruits that are only found in the Caribbean.