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Edison Food + Drink Lab

Tampa native and five-time James Beard Award semifinalist Chef Jeannie Pierola has been engineering the creative cuisine at Edison Food+Drink Lab since the doors opened in 2012. Blending her childhood memories of Cuban and Spanish foods together in a modernized fashion, Chef Pierola is constantly inspired by the multicultural variety of the Florida landscape, and her cuisine sits at the cutting edge of the familiar and the mysterious. “The idea is to have you experience those elements while still feeling comforted,” she says. In addition to their regular menu—which includes chef’s specialty, the Ramrod Key spiny lobster—Edison highlights a five-course tasting menu that changes regularly, along with a libation list of old favorites (Rob Roy, Old Fashioned and classic daiquiri) as well as new twists like the Charred Barrel, featuring George Dickel 8-year bourbon mixed with 400 Coñejo’s young mezcal. Start your culinary adventure with a few items from their “Gossipy Tidbits” section, then move to the mains. Just don’t forget to save room for dessert!

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