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Girls Who Surf: Sierra Raequel

Girls Who Surf: Sierra Raequel

Girls Who Surf™ highlights female surfers around the world, exploring their passion for surfing and what it means to them. Meet Sierra Raequel (@sierraraequel), a surfer based in Inglewood, California & listen to her story here.

Hi, my name is Sierra Raequel and I’m a girl who surfs.

Where are you from and how long have you been surfing?

I’m originally from Dallas, Georgia but I currently live in Inglewood, California and I’ve been surfing since September of 2020.

Why do you surf and what does it mean to you?

I surf because there’s no other feeling. I love it because it’s a forced meditation and I’m forced to be in the present and I’m able to sometimes commune with God. I’ve been embedded in such a great surf community.

What do you love about your local female surf community?

There is so much love for each other. We really love to see each other go. Distinctly one person comes to mind – Olga. Every time I go surfing with her, she’s always cheering us on and being really loud and unapologetically joyful. We just have a lot of fun together and it’s beautiful.

Watch Sierra’s full episode below!

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