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Hurricane Alley Bar & Restaurant

Kim Kelly has been a cornerstone of the local restaurant community in Boynton Beach for more than 25 years. Her husband, Burt Garnsey, is part of a fourth-generation fishing family, running the legendary Sea Mist III drift fishing boat on twice-daily excursions. 

And Kim has come up with a tasty experience for Hurricane Alley guests: the “You hook ’em, we cook ’em” special. If you go out on Burt’s family boat and catch a fish, they’ll clean and prep it for you to take back to the historic restaurant just a few blocks from the marina, where they’ll cook it for free. “We like to share the warmth and generosity,” Kim said.

“Seafood is Florida, it’s part of the culture and we have a gateway to the ocean,” said Kim, who is hands-on with all the prep and cooking. This includes shucking 500 oysters a day, and making the signature conch fritters and smoked fish dip that local families come in to enjoy several times a week.

The restaurant name derives from history, and the hurricane and fishing memorabilia that covers the walls. “We have the community history displayed in here almost like a museum,” Kim said. “People love it, and they linger. You will never be bored when you come to Hurricane Alley.”

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