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7 Must-Have Picks from Paradise & Main

We’re excited to introduce Paradise & Main, our new lifestyle leisurewear brand and your go-to for the comfiest hoodies, tees, and more. Each high-quality, unisex piece is designed for where you are and where you’re going—and there’s something for every type of traveler in our debut collection. Paradise & Main is a proud member of 1% for the Planet, donating a portion of annual sales to support a global network of vetted environmental organizations working to protect and improve our planet. Check out our most-loved products below, and shop the full drop to see more options.

Jet Lagged Hoodie, $130

Accurate, and also fun … what more could you want?

Trippin Tee, $55

Perfect whenever you’re hitting the road on that next big adventure.

Right Here Right Now Hoodie, $105

The only reminder you need when you’re experiencing a new place.

Roaming Tee, $55

Inspired by our first original series on Paradise, and our favorite mode of travel.

Praying for an Upgrade Tee, $55

Because we all are, right?

Paradise Crew, $95

Comfy, classic, and perfect for a beach bonfire or a long layover in a chilly airport lounge.

Therapy Tee, $65

When booking flights is your chosen form of self-care, this is your wardrobe.

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