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7 Portable, Packable Must-Haves for Your Next Trip

When you’re a frequent traveler, you know that having the right gear on hand can be the difference between a smooth, relaxing vacation and a trip spent trying to track down the missing pieces (or regretting the items you left behind in favor of a lighter bag). But it doesn’t have to be that way: You can have all the right gear with you the whole way, and still fit it into a reasonably sized pack. The key is to find the super-functional items that collapse, fold, and squish right into any suitcase. Here are seven of the best lightweight, packable, and multi-functional gear essentials that will upgrade your trip with ease.

Cliq Chair, $109.99

The ultimate in versatility, this compact fold-up chair is equally as suited to traveling and camping as it is to daily life (hello, kids’ soccer sidelines). It collapses to roughly the size of a bottle, and the sling-style chair accommodates up to 300 pounds. We’d haul this one everywhere from wineries to hikes for a quick, comfy seat.

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MiiKARE Universal Rotating Adjustable Phone Holder, $17.99 

Avid travelers know that this type of adjustable phone holder is a huge asset for keeping you entertained during extended bouts of travel (and planes with no personal screens). Just clip it anywhere to create a hands-free entertainment experience on the go. 

Dr. Meter Luggage Scale, $8.99 

If you’ve ever played the will-it-be-too-heavy game with your suitcase, you know why having a travel-sized luggage scale is a lifesaver. This petite hand scale will keep you from paying unexpected fees on the return leg, especially if you gain some souvenirs on your journey. This one accurately measures up to 110 pounds.

Away Packable Backpack, $75

When you want to make sure you have an extra bag on hand—for hiking or filling with souvenirs from your trip—this collapsible pack conveniently folds into a small zip pouch to easily stash or bring wherever you go. It’s super lightweight in recycled nylon so it won’t add bulk or heft to your packed luggage.  

Scrubba Wash Bag, $54.95

The easiest way to pack light: Don’t pack much clothing at all. Instead, include one of these on-the-go washing bags to launder the pieces you’ve packed while traveling. This portable laundry bag is a modern approach to the traditional washboard, with internal nodules that help get your clothes clean. Just fill the pouch with water, soap, and dirty clothes, then clip, rub to wash, rinse, and dry. The pouch folds to pocket-size and is super lightweight at just five ounces.

Marpac Yogasleep Rohm Portable White Noise Machine, $25.28

Whether you’re traveling with a baby or just want to sleep like a baby, this portable white noise machine can help create a cocoon of neutral noise so you can get some rest, even in louder environments. This compact version offers three different sound options and volume control to customize for your specific sleep needs.

Addalock Original Portable Door Lock, $29.95

Your need for this item may depend on where (and how) you like to travel. That being said, this portable door lock is one of those items that sure is nice to have on hand when you’re in a situation where it’s necessary, especially for solo or female adventurers. Avid travelers report that they end up using this little security blanket more than expected.

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