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Ramen Lab Eatery

As the third-generation son of Thai immigrants who opened several local Thai and sushi restaurants in the area, Louis Grayson has watched the food scene grow and become more diverse in Boca Raton. “It expands our culture, and the food brings us all together,” he said. “Today I see so many different concepts and cuisines, but they are making it their own.”

The restauranteur carried on his family tradition by opening Ramen Lab Eatery, which bridges Thai, Korean and Japanese food with some of the recipes he learned from his grandmother while growing up in Florida, where the humidity and tropical storms reminded her of Thailand. 

The food you will find today at Louis’s restaurant includes wings, handmade dumplings, and the famous Grandma’s five-spices duck ramen. The noodles are made from scratch and the whole bird is stewed for hours with palm sugar, which gives it a special umami flavor. “It has all the culture, warmth, surprise, texture all in this one flavor explosion,” Louis said. “And it hits perfectly.”

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