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Tropical fruit producer Robert Moehling, Sr. started developing his passion for local produce as a young boy and ended up devoting his life to farming. He established the widely known Robert Is Here fruit stand in 1959 after selling cucumbers on a streetcorner, and it has been the go-to for farm-fresh fruits and vegetables in Homestead, Fla., for decades.

This is literally a childhood dream come true. “By the time I was 14, I bought a 10-acre piece of property,” he said. Over the years, he kept buying little pieces of land and growing tropical fruit, which became his niche. 

Today his sons, Robert, Jr. and Brandon are also involved in the day-to-day running of the business, which includes overseeing the 20 acres of mangos for their famous fruit milkshakes. “Our mangos are our pride and joy,” Robert, Jr. said.

“Florida mangos are the best in the world,” Robert, Sr. said, “Everyone wants to try something different, and we are unique.”

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