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Roux 30a

John Engle came to the professional culinary world when, while awaiting a medical discharge from the Marines, he took a cooking job at a local sports bar.

As his love for cooking bloomed, John enrolled at the New England Culinary Institute in Vermont. From there he worked his way up to Chef de Cuisine at Roux 30A, where he now creates a highly sought-after multi-course seasonal tasting menu. And, for those guests who don’t have time for the full evening menu at 7 pm, a cool option for grazers is the 3-course version, available at 5 pm nightly. 

Tucked into the Arts District of Grayton Beach, Roux 30A features an open kitchen in an intimate dining space that seats only 44 diners each night.

While John executes the flavorful signature dishes beautifully, it is his personal relationships with local purveyors, farms and co-ops that provide much of the true magic for his food, playing an intricate role In the recipes. Come along on a locally sourced adventure and see how it translates to the plate and an unforgettable candlelit dinner in the restaurant.

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