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Toro Latin Kitchen + Tequila Library

Danny Salgado oversees the Tequila Library in Dania Beach at award-winning Mexican chef Richard Sandoval’s Toro Latin Kitchen + Tequila Library. Danny has been entrusted as the “librarian” of the world-class tequila collection, holding more than 350 bottles of tequila (along with 200 mezcals) but he has never viewed this as a job. “I consider this my home,” he said. “I educate people on how you are supposed to drink tequila.”

While he can make you a signature mojito with fresh Florida citrus that reflects his Cuban roots, Danny’s goal is to give you an experience you weren’t expecting and create something unique for you. “Some people get overwhelmed and just order what they know, but I try to broaden their horizons.”

The cuisine here is Latin-Asian, characterized with a family-style atmosphere of shared tapas plates with interesting cocktail pairings—think smoked avocado with mezcal. You’ll also find ceviche, Peruvian Lomo Saltado and chicken marinated in reposado. “It’s all about blending flavors,” Danny said, “It’s a melting pot just like South Florida.”

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