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The Best Travel Bags by Zodiac Sign

We don’t believe that our destinies are determined by the stars—but we do think that Zodiac signs can give clues to the types of travelers we are. Whether you’re an artsy Taurus or a worldly Sagittarius, your personality can inform how you like to travel (solo or with a group) and the types of places you want to visit (beach vacay or multi-city tour). Plus, we know it can be really hard to choose a travel bag when there are so many, many options out there. So why not start by exploring the best travel bags by Zodiac signs, and find an option that’s been handpicked for your star sign?

We’ve done the (admittedly fun) legwork to round up the best travel bags by Zodiac sign. From backpacks to carry-ons to checked suitcases and beyond, there’s an option here for every type of traveler. And hey, if you’re a Virgo crushing on the Scorpio carry-on, we don’t blame you—we want them all, too.


Osprey Sojourn 45L Rolling Gear Bag, $375

Aries are known for being athletes and adventurers, and as travelers, they’re hard to slow down. That means they need a bag that can keep up, no matter where the journey takes them. This one easily converts from a roller bag to a backpack so it can tackle everything from rugged trails to cobblestone streets with ease.


CALPAK TRNK Carry-On Luggage, $195

Probably the most orderly of the earth signs, Tauruses enjoy the comfort of visiting a familiar destination, but they’re not boring—not by a long shot. Artistic and inspired by sensory experiences, they need a classic travel bag that gets the job done and looks *really* good doing it.


BAGGU Travel Cloud Bag, $78

For the most relaxed sign in the Zodiac—the one who can handle last-minute getaways, trip cancellations, and impromptu adventures without breaking a sweat—we recommend a flexible, holds-everything travel bag that packs down to nothing. Translation: You can keep it handy for whenever you find a flight deal that’s too good to pass up.


STATE Wellington Weekender, $180

Known for being one of the most family-oriented signs in the Zodiac, Cancers gravitate toward group travel with friends and loved ones. They enjoy familiar faces and places, and comfort is key—so a bag that keeps all the essentials from home within reach is a must. This one is designed with traveling families in mind, and offers tons of pockets and compartments to help with organization. Bonus: It’s made with 45% recycled materials.


Cotopaxi Allpa 35L Travel Pack Del Dia, $195

Leos are known for their creativity and confidence, and they tend to feel at home in off-the-beaten-path destinations that are as vibrant and colorful as they are. These unique packs are made with remnant fabrics, which means factory workers have more creative control and no two bags are alike. What better for the ultimate big personality?


BEIS Sport Backpack, $98

One of the solo travel-loving earth signs, Virgos are unique in their affinity for wellness-focused experiences. This sleek and practical backpack ticks the perfectionist, loves-to-plan box while maintaining a minimal, relaxed vibe that’s perfect for yoga retreats and mindfulness getaways. Bonus: It includes a front equipment pocket that’s perfect for a yoga mat, pickleball paddle, or tennis racket.


CALPAK Stevyn Large Rolling Duffel, $129.50

Bon vivants, chameleons, and socialites, Libras are the bona fide aesthetes of the bunch. They’re charming and easygoing, so a conversation-starting carry-on makes perfect sense. This one features a separate bottom pocket that fits plenty of shoes—because they’re definitely bringing options.


Monos Carry-On Pro, $289

Scorpios are avid travelers, since one of their great pleasures in life is learning new things (especially about themselves). This sleek and sturdy roller bag comes in an array of colors to match a Scorpio’s vibrant personality, with a built-in front compartment that provides easy access to the numerous books they’re bringing along for the trip.


Away The Large Suitcase, $375

Natural explorers with an innate taste for adventure and cultural experiences, Sagittarians are the most likely to have an out-of-office message up at any given moment. They enjoy a rep for being fearless travelers, and an extended stay in a new destination is the dream. This roomy checked suitcase option is designed for two week-plus trips, with an interior compression system that helps Sags bring allllll the things they need.


Away The Everywhere Zip Backpack, $195

The most practical of the earth signs, Capricorns might have a bit of a reputation for being Type A travelers. These are the pro planners who research every detail of a destination. As travelers, they love tradition—classical architecture, music, and history—so a European jaunt is right up their alley. This sleek, minimal backpack speaks to their no-frills vibe while keeping travel guides, power banks, and passports handy.


Lo & Sons Catalina Deluxe, $124.60

The ultimate air sign, Aquarians love unique, offbeat experiences that don’t make it into travel guides or TikToks. They especially love exploring the outdoors, so a bag that can take them from catching a redeye to camping in the redwoods is #goals. This eco-friendly canvas weekender features plenty of pockets and a separate bottom compartment for muddy hiking boots, dirty clothes, and more.


Herschel Supply Roll Top Backpack, $114.99

Out of all the water signs, Pisces are the most likely to seek out beautiful lakes, rivers, and beaches for their much-needed R&R. That means a water-resistant bag is a no-brainer, but one with a bit of style is a bonus. The roll-top design and TPE coating keeps the goods inside dry and helps an adventurous Pisces stay ready for kayak trips, fly-fishing adventures, rainy hikes, and more.

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