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Travel Hack: Do Not Plan a Trip to Europe Without This

If you are planning to book any upcoming trips to Europe this summer or fall,  do check out Omio, Chances are, you will need to book ground transportation or maybe even a quick to a neighboring country at some point during your journey. This is the only platform that offers train, plane, ferry, and bus booking options all in one place.

With over 10M+ routes from fairytale villages to mega cities, Omio offers travel across 37 countries and is available in 21 languages. The brand is leading the way to redefine global travel and empower people to move on their terms at the press of a button.

Looking for savings on international escapes?

Photo courtesy of Omio

Trends from outlets such as CNTBusiness InsiderByway, and Pinterest report on train travel leading the way this summer.  Omio is a must-have travel tool for Americans visiting Europe this year. 

With recent funding of $80M, a partnership with Uber UK as Uber tests bus and train options, and a recent award from Business Insider Germany, Future Mobility Award 2022, Omio is quickly becoming a ‘must have’ app in Europe.

Book a bus or coach with Omio.

According to founder Naren Shaam, “The benefit of having a unified database of all transport globally means more people can tap into it,” he told Sifted. “As a result, national rail operators can reach beyond their home markets: while Deutsche Bahn looms large in Germany,  no one knows about it three countries down the road”.

Ferry or boat booking is within reach. Photo by Vidar Nordli Mathisen.

Omio was founded in 2010 by Shaam, a graduate of Harvard Business student and a former Deloitte employee. The idea of the business was born from a terrible experience finding travel tickets from Paris to Amsterdam, so Shaam wondered why booking multi-modes of tickets was so difficult? Especially in Europe where it is common to take a bus, ferry, and train for one trip. 

Summer travel. Photo by Bao Menglong.

After running around from train kiosks and trying to get a train website to load on his phone, Naren was shocked that such a progressive industry’s search and payment system was so archaic and dated. He noticed that the entire world of travel modes was not connected on one unified system, so he got to work. Naren founded GoEuro to disrupt a broken industry, and GoEuro was rebranded to Omio in 2019. The company now has offices in London, Berlin, Prague, Bejiing, and New York.

Using Omio on the road for last minute bookings

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