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What to Buy Dad for Father’s Day on June 19th

For Dad’s big day this year on June 19th, we have searched the globe for vintage Hawaiian goods, cool electronics gadgets, fun food finds that can be shipped to your door and a new way to print your NFTs.

Vintage Hawaii skateboards, surfboards

Known for its vintage charm and idyllic beaches, the historic Mauna Kea Beach Hotel opened in 1965. And now, you can gift dad a piece of that property that he will love and we are not talking about a t-shirt. The hotel has recently debuted a collaboration with Red Dot Goods to bring vintage Hawaiian art and artifacts to the resort and offer guests an opportunity to take a unique piece of Hawaii home with them during their stay – or order it online from home.

Stay Connected and Safe on Wheels

For style and tech to along with protection while biking or skating, the Sena Rumba multi-sport Bluetooth® helmet is a thoughtful and practical gift. This product is dual-certified for use by cyclists and skaters and features Sena’s proven communication tech built right into the helmet, allowing you to stay connected on the ride, whether you’re skating or cruising.

Rumba sports 2-Way HD Intercom with an effective range of up to 0.25 miles, perfect for communicating with a friend and no cellphone or data usage needed. The helmet features integrated speakers and a microphone; and Smartphone pairing via Bluetooth® 4.1 for music, GPS navigation, and phone calls. Prices start at $99 for the headphones. 

Tech Obsessions

The Nokia T20  tablet ($249.99) comes with enough power to see you through up to 7 hours of online meetings, 10 hours of movies or 15 hours of surfing the web – with a 2K screen. It’s also low blue light certified, so it’s easier on the eyes.

Outdoor Dad 

How many times have you dropped your phone while on a hike?! The Nokia XR20  ($549.99) is designed to stand up to anything life throws at it with an ultra-solid case and tough display glass. it’s scratch-resistant, drop-resistant, temperature-resistant, water-resistant and kid-and-pet-resistant. It also comes with up to 3 years of OS upgrades and 4 years of monthly security updates, so your phone will be up to date into 2025.

Nostalgia Loving

The Nokia 2760 Flip ($29.88) is a modern twist on a classic flip phone. With its simple, easy to use interface, and with all the features you need including 4G. 

Solar charger

Now that Dad has a new phone, or tablet, let’s keep it charged on the go. Dartwood 16000mAh Solar Power Bank powers smartphones quickly even in low-light conditions. This solar battery pack acts as a charging station on the go and comes in a durable frame made in high-grade materials for better protection. With 2 USB and a wireless output, you can 3 devices simultaneously without slowing down. ($47.99)

Coffee and Seinfeld

If Dad loves coffee and travel, Coffeegram Getaways is an affordable experience from six different getaway locations including Italy, Hawaii, Paris, Bali, Swiss Alps, and Mexico to enjoy at home Each destination includes a curated coffee selection from the nation’s best artisan roasters paired with delicious gourmet treats for two starting at $7.99.And, just like Seinfeld’s most iconic characters, Bean Box takes great pride in bringing people together over great coffee so a collaborate with the iconic show resulted in a curation that embody the complexity and reliable quirks of the iconic characters from Elaine’s Little Kicks to Kramer’s Giddy Up Blend. The limited edition Seinfeld Coffee Collection is a fun gift. 

Hot Sauce for Coffee?

That is not a typo! Ujjo is the world’s first hot sauce for coffee. The brand uses natural sweeteners and a unique chili blend that makes for the perfect flavor combination for your favorite coffees, lattes and mochas plus other drinks and even foods. From a Dark Roast to a Light Roast, both flavors are made without using typical hot sauce ingredients such as vinegars or garlic, both of which clash with the flavor of coffee. Because of that, both hot sauces are versatile enough to complement any number of drinks and foods such as a glaze for roasted veggies, on chicken and waffles, breakfast tacos, or even drizzled on ice cream. Both sauces are vegan and gluten-free.

Bourbon Alternative

There are two dark rum varietals on the market from Guatemala, Zacapa No. 23 and Zacapa XO, that are being hailed by connoisseurs as having a complex flavor profile that is a great alternative for the go-to old-fashioned bourbon drink. Zacapa Rum’s sugarcane flourishes in fertile, volcanic soil with the high-altitude point deepening the spirit further. Uniqueness is present through the deployment of a Sistema Solera process, which allows for smooth blending, luxurious aging and mastery in every note of the rum.  (From $38.99)

Grilling Gifts

If Dad love to BBQ, this gadget will make grilling (and cooking, baking, even candy making) this summer so much easier. ThermoPro is the number one rated digital meat thermometer on Amazon, with Bluetooth capabilities to help reach that perfect internal steak temperature every time. Starting at $39.99, their full range of products (some have up to four probes) can be found at Amazon 

Now that Dad is armed with the right tools, add this premium acacia hardwood lump charcoal wihich is free of chemicals and harmful additives, The Good Charcoal is made from pure acacia – which burns hotter, cleaner and more evenly than oak or hickory – allowing you to use less charcoal each BBQ session this summer. Sustainably sourced from Namibia, Africa, this is the only charcoal brand in the United States approved by a leading environmental preservationist organization, the Forest Stewardship Council. $19.99 at Home Depot

Primo x Goldbelly

There is nothing sweeter than donuts on a Sunday morning. Now you can send Dad a dozen of his favorites from an iconic family-owned donut shop since 1956 in Los Angeles (as seen on the Food Network and others.) Primo Donuts has partnered with Goldbelly who delivers your favorite comfort foods from across the nation to your door.  Use the Father’s Day discount right up until June 19, with code TREATDAD20 for $20 off a first-time order starting at $50.  

Healthy Meal

ServiceIf healthy, easy meals is more dad’s speed, Tovala is helping to define a category called, “connected food.”  This company is working to reinvent home cooking and save people precious time by combining a countertop scan-to-cook smart oven with a fresh meal subscription service. From miso-glazed salmon, to a filet with balsamic caramelized onions or cheesy egg biscuit sandwiches, all of the extensive weekly menus of chef-crafted meals cook in 20 minutes or less. With 5 different cooking modes (steam, bake, broil, toast, reheat) the oven replaces your everyday toaster oven, and can also be used with a variety of products on store shelves that utilize the barcode scanning technology. The idea is to balance convenience, innovation and quality, making healthy, home-cooked meals more accessible than ever before. The oven can be purchased for just $99 when you order your first meal. 

Stress Reliving Treat

With t27 boutiques (and counting) open in the U.S. from coast to coast, The NOW Massage is designed as a low-key and affordable oasis to disconnect from the outside world and reconnect within. The goal is to offer high-quality, customizable massage services without the time commitment and cost of a traditional spa. The interiors have an elevated aesthetic, inspired by exotic destinations from around the world. The thoughtfully crafted menu features healing products and signature design to cities all over the United States – for example, the Santa Monica location features an ocean ‘soundtrack’ during treatments. Prices start at $60 for 24 minutes. Add-ons ($10) range from a scalp massage to hemp calm balm.

Soap Inspired by Japan

Edobio’s Vegan Black Soap is a foaming bar soap that is uniquely formulated with both wood and bamboo charcoal (two beloved ingredients of Japan’s Edo period), as well as proprietary lactic acid bacteria. The wood charcoal exfoliates the skin, while the bamboo charcoal absorbs excess oil and removes impurities. This formula on the skin is like soil to the earth, in that it regulates the condition of the skin through strategic utilization of select microorganisms. Whether it’s hydration, collagen stimulation, or cell turnover that your skin needs, the soap provides the cure.  ($32.00)

Stylish Travel Bag

If your dad likes to pack light, and stick with a carry-on rather than checking in a bag, The Trey Bag ($113.00) is a duffel is the perfect medium-sized carry-on that makes traveling simple and organized. The bag is spacious and includes a side pocket to store your shoes away from the main compartment. Trey is an ethically conscious bag made out of vegan leather so Dad can look stylish while being eco-friendly at the gym, boarding a plane or train. 

Print Your NFTs

Fine Art America allows you to print your NFTs as framed prints, canvas prints, t-shirts, puzzles, and more. Just connect your Ethereum wallet and click on your favorite NFT. They’ll instantly show you what your NFT looks like on hundreds of different products from canvas prints, posters, t-shirts, phone cases, and more. Select your favorite product, and then proceed to checkout. Once you place your order, it will be shipped to you in 3 – 4 business days from one of their 16 global manufacturing centers. Each product includes a 30-day money back guarantee. Prices vary.

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