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Larkin Poe

“It’s hard to know where I stop and Rebecca begins because we’ve been through so much together,” says Megan Lovell, the other half of sisterly southern rock band Larkin Poe. “This is our 18th year of touring. I think we’ve learned so much about ourselves.”

The Lovell sisters were born in North Georgia and have been playing music together since they were teenagers. Since then, they’ve released six studio albums and one live album, Paint the Roses, in 2021. They call their music “roots rock & roll,” and pride themselves on bringing an authentic edge to their music that could only have been honed in ATL.

“Atlanta is one of those cities that represents an intersection of so many different musical stylings that allows us to feel comfortable expressing all the different facets of who we are musically,” Megan notes. This episode of Sounds of the Road shines a spotlight on the deep connection Rebecca and Megan have to their hometown. From vinyl shopping at Criminal Records to grabbing a cup of coffee with their mom and dad at Aurora Coffee, they cruise the city in a Toyota Tacoma SR5 Special Trail Edition to the sounds of Larkin Poe’s live performance of “Summertime Sunset.”

Sounds of the Road showcases intimate musical performances and candid interviews with some of America’s best rising talent. Season 3 takes us deep into the musical hub of the south: Atlanta, Georgia. Ride along with Decatur’s own Hero the Band, rock & roll sisters Rebecca and Megan Lovell of Larkin Poe, and singer-songwriter Amythyst Kiah as they explore the city in three equally unique and stylish Toyota vehicles.

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