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Lily Meola

“My main source of creativity is experience,” says Lily Meola. “Everything I go through I’m going to write about it.” The 28-year-old, Hawaiian-born singer-songwriter and former America’s Got Talent star is fueled by a drive to transform these rich experiences into songs that plot the course of her life. “If I’m not out exploring and doing things and meeting people, then I’m not going to have anything to write about.”

A few years ago, Lily persevered through one of the most difficult experiences of her life: the loss of her mother. Meola put her music on the backburner to help care for her mom. Afterward, a trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming—where she was able to ride horses—helped pull her through, and breathed renewed focus into her life.

“It gives me the perspective that life is short. You gotta do what you love and you should be happy. I’ve become kind of addicted to sharing that message with people.” During her day in Park City, Lily drove the Toyota Tundra Capstone Hybrid up to Soldier Hollow and the historic Tate Barn for a morning horseback ride before performing her heartfelt single, “(Don’t Quit Your) Daydream,” at The Spur in downtown Park City.

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